Location API Services

Location API Services

Using our partner EE we can provide Location API Services.
This is ideal for locating assets using the mobile phone network and the SIM in your phone or other device, enabling you to have an approximate location on the SIM without the need for a dedicated tracking device.

How do  Location API Services work?

When requesting a position using location API Services, we request the SIM’s last known location from the mobile network. This is returned to us as a Latitude / Longitude fix, along with a degree of accuracy. This information is then available on a secure web based mapping application, or can be relayed via the Internet to another corporate application.

What kind of devices can be located?

Any kind of Device can be located as long as it has a EE or Orange UK SIM card in it. This includes Mobile phones, Data collecting device, Tracking devices.

How accurate is the service?

The networks determine the SIM’s position relative to two or more phone cells. Therefore the greater the cell density the greater the accuracy. Within an urban area accuracy can be within 100-200m whereas in a remote area accuracy is measured in kilometres.

What safeguards are there to protect people’s privacy?

RingTrack ensures that its Location Based Service customers are compliant with all necessary regulation. The networks own checks are also very stringent to ensure that the service cannot be abused.

Does it work with non-UK phones or outside the UK?

No, it only works on EE or Orange UK SIMs within the UK.

What happens if the mobile device is inside a building?

This makes no difference. Because the request does not contact the phone itself it does not matter if the phone is inside.

What happens if the mobile device is switched off?

The response differs by network. Some return no fix whereas others return the last known position. The EE system remembers the last known position and this is passed back in response to the request.

What level of support do I get?

Technical Support is provided free of charge either by emailing or calling 01638 660629 during office hours – 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

What Sort of Location Applications are Possible?

Potential Location applications cover nearly every market, including: Certain businesses which depend heavily on mobile voice and/or data communications to operate, such as companies with significant numbers of field employees, and businesses dependent on knowing the location of their assets at any moment, such as transportation by heavy goods vehicles and rail

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