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Our Live Tracking system provides real time GPS tracking of your assets. Live trackers provide continuous communications, allowing you to view where all your vehicles/assets are at any time; with location maps continuously updated every mile indicating speed and direction.

Route Maps -Show you where your vehicles have been, (snail trail) including speeds, distances and stopping times.

Live tracking includes direct notification of alarms and alerts such as tamper alarms and over speed. These are sent by to nominated mobile phone/s and by e-mail.

Driver ID tag – Checks that correct driver is using the vehicle or equipment, while providing a clear view of driver status, location, and start/finish times.

Custom Reports and Alerts – With custom reports and alerts available, our system can be set up for notifications such as:

  • Entering & exiting customer locations
  • Entering & exiting prohibited zones
  • Driver ID tag alerts
  • Over speed alerts
  • Ignition ON/OFF
  • Out of Hours use
  • Excessive idling
  • Late start, vehicles exiting a set zone or after a set time,

Extensive Reporting and History- With standard and custom reports available, our system enables you to check historical data, helping clarify if vehicles arrived at site on time, left site at what time, and which route they took to site. It shows all previous journeys made, including speed, stops and idle time. Allowing you to calculate time spent and distance travelled on payable jobs.

Custom Depots – You can overlay on to the map, custom deports and locations, making your sites or customer depots easily identifiable.

Fleet Mileage -RingTrack supply mileage and usage reports for fleets and individual vehicles. Companies find this useful for planning and maintenance scheduling. This can also be used for individuals private mileage.

We aim to give you a Live Tracking System tailored to your needs, whether that is overcoming security issues, location issues or data management issues. Our clients range from international blue chip companies to sole traders.



If stolen, the Live tracker is tracked by the RingTrack recovery team, who can obtain its location from our database via satellite (GPS) or mobile phone (GSM) positioning. Once on site, the radio location beacons provide a precise location. Location beacon technology can penetrate most materials, this is critical in the event of theft and is one of only a very few systems to work in this way and will enable us to find equipment even if it is hidden inside a building, truck or container, where GPS and GSM could stop working.



For more information

    Contact Tracking specialists Ring Track today for professional advice about which system you should go for. We will assess your requirements and research and explain all the options available to you to help you or your client choose a perfect Tracking system that meets your needs.

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