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Remote GSM Monitoring System

Remote GSM Monitoring System


“Remote GSM Monitoring System for alarms, temperature and movement, anywhere in the world and bring the data back immediately using the mobile phone network”

The mobile data transfer offers permanent connection enabling constant ‘LIVE Remote Monitoring System for data transfer at significantly reduced costs of communication compared to SMS and fixed line. Remote data transfer offers a constant flow of up to the second information increasing productivity and profitability.

Alarms and Alerts received by remote monitoring, enabling quick and efficient resolution of costly problems of breakdowns. All data can be viewed through a secure web site from any location.

No fixed internet connection is required, as date is transferred via the mobile phone network, this makes it ideal for remote sites or moving assets such as trailers and storage units.

Ring has the ability to integrate into third party devices and equipment – communicating directly with sensors, devices and other forms of equipment. Allowing operators to become more cost effective in monitoring their daily business activity.

Constant monitoring and analysis of any remote assets such as becomes easy and up to the second.

Applications for Remote Monitoring System include

  • Remote Tank Level Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring of Pumps
  • Remote Temperature
  • Remote Door Open/Close
Power requirements

Power requirements

Because the Ring RTP has a self-contained power source, you can enclose or install it into anything from a bicycle to a 40 tonne crane. It’s also available as non-enclosed unit, so it can even be installed and powered inside a PC or other item of electrical equipment.

The Ring RTP has a battery life of 2 upto years depending on the wake/sleep.


Technical information


  • Hi capacity long life 3.6V primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery for long term use (3/4 years)
  • Or medium capacity lithium Iron battery for short term (90 Days)
  • Ultra low current consumption < 60uA in sensing sleep mode
  • Built in power & battery management
  • 6V to 30V DC @ 1.5A max input. (rechargeable version)

Sensors/Input output

  • 2 ultra low power 3 axis accelerometers for movement/tilt and tamper protection 1 active in sleep mode
  • 1 x 3 axis magnetometer for tamper detection (optional)
  • Vibration/movement detector active in sleep mode
  • 4 external inputs, individually configurable for analog or volt/ground detection
  • Temperature sensor
  • 1 diagnostic and 1 user serial port
  • Optional multi port expansion board


  • Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem with advanced custom positioning technology to give very accurate GSM cell locations
  • Internal GSM antenna or optional external antenna


  • High power 433 MHz transceiver with internal antenna’s for communications and beacon
  • Variable frequency
  • Variable power (diversity transmission using 2 antenna’s)
  • Programmable modulation methods and encoder/decoder
  • Optional external RF antenna’s GPS (optional)
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver with internal antenna
  • Optional external GPS antenna


  • Board size 53mm x 36mm x 15mm (with lithium iron battery)