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Track and Recover Stolen Plant and Equipment

Recover Stolen Plant and Equipment


Track and Recover Stolen Plant and Equipment or Machinery

With the RingTrack Recover-e  you can track,  monitor and recover stolen plant and equipment or machinery.

The recover-e units are one of the smallest and most versatile trackers in the market, providing multiple features suitable for a range of applications.

Small and light weight battery powered asset tracker. Perfect for locating and recovering stolen Plant and Equipment, or assets and machinery where no power source is available, or where disscression and ease or transfer between assets is important.

  • Battery Powered
  • Small and light weight
  • Long Battery life
  • Recover stolen assets
  • Easy to install or Transfer between assets (no wires)
  • Water and dust resistant (IP Rated)
  • Tracking possible World Wide

Advance triple Mode Tracking

Advanced triple mode Tracking, enables advanced monitoring and recovery features in one unit, accurate tracking from the GPS location if the unit can see the sky, with the advantage of GSM location to provide a location if the unit is in a building or shed, and radio beacon to recover stolen items located even when located in garages or sheds.

Recover Stolen Plant

If stolen, the GPS tracker is tracked by the RingTrack recovery team, who can obtain its location from our database via satellite (GPS) or mobile phone (GSM) positioning. Once on site, the radio location beacons provide a precise location. Location beacon technology can penetrate most materials, this is critical in the event of theft and is one of only a very few systems to work in this way and will enable us to find equipment even if it is hidden inside a building, truck or container, where GPS and GSM could stop working.



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