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Locating High Value Portable Assets

Locating High Value Portable Assets, Trailers

Locating High Value Portable Assets, Trailers


Locating high value portable assets throughout the world

RingTrack’s recover-e service offers the optimal solution for locating, tracking and recovery of  valuable assets whilst on hire or in transit.

The unique features of the recover-e service make it the cost effective solution for the protection of a broad range of assets. The integration of a long life battery, operational for up to 2 years, extends the range of potential applications and offers enhanced security. It has been successfully used in the protection of:

  • Industrial plant (Contractors and hire companies)
  • Motor vehicles
  • Leisure vehicles: caravans; boats; jet skis; trailers
  • High value assets

Being small and light weight means it can be concealed in many assets discreetly. Containing its own long term power source enables long term protection for assets with out power of when they are in transit, and enables easy transferring between assets.


  • Battery Powered
  • Small and light weight
  • Locate assets World Wide
  • Easy to install or Transfer between assets (no wires)
  • Water and dust resistant (IP Rated)

Wide range of applications:

  • Small and compact design, allowing it to be effectively secreted in small assets
  • Long term protection of assets without a power supply
  • Easily transferred between assets

 High level of security:

  • Regular reporting of asset location and functionality
  • Triple mode monitoring allows detection even if asset is inside a building or shipping container
  • 3 axis tamper protection
  • Long battery life

 Difficult to detect:

  • Compact size allows a wide variety of options for placement in the asset
  • Integral power source means no tell-tale wiring
  • Cannot be detected by scanners when in sleep mode

 Flexible application:

  • Option to include additional sensory inputs
  • Reporting schedule adaptable to individual requirements
  • Monitoring and control functions available through any internet connection
  • Effective reporting from 150 countries

Recover-e’s unique method of operation

RingTrack’s recover-e operates on a sleep wake cycle, (to avoid detection by scanner and extend battery life.) Each time it wakes, it reports time and location for recording on the owner’s secure web site.

Advanced triple mode Tracking, enables advanced monitoring and recovery features in one unit, accurate tracking from the GPS location if the unit can see the sky, with the advantage of GSM location to provide a location if the unit is in a building or shed, and radio beacon to recover stolen items located even when located in garages or sheds.




For more information

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