Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

RingTrack provide Vehicle and Asset Tracking solutions, with a wealth experience in GPS fleet management and Asset tracking and Recovery, throughout the Plant hire, haulage and Service Industries  we aim to provide you with the solution to meet your needs.


With increasing number of assets spread over various locations monitoring where your assets are, and more importantly monitoring what they are doing is critical. ingTrack have built up a wealth of experience in:

GPS Live Tracking and Fleet Management

Our Live Tracking system provides real time GPS tracking of your asset with continuous communications, allowing you to view where all your vehicles/assets are at any time; with location maps continuously updated, includes direct notification of alarms and alerts such as tamper alarms and over speed, Custom Reports and Alerts and Extensive Reporting and History

Asset Tracking and Recovery:

Small and light weight battery powered asset tracker. Perfect for locating and recovering stolen Plant and Equipment, or assets and machinery where no power source is available, or where disscression and ease or transfer between assets is important.  The  Tracking and Recovery device is used on Plant and Machinery and many high value assets (including non-powered such as caravans, trailers) to provide locations and aid recovery if they are stolen.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote GSM Temperature Monitoring is ideal for industrial fridges not only providing an instant information feed on temperature’s but also the assets location, keeping track of  those that are moved or hired out.


With our products designed and built in house we have the ability to customise our solutions to provide you with the solution to your location and monitoring problems.


  • Live Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Location API Services
  • Remote GSM Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote GSM Retail Fridge Monitoring
  • GSM Battery Operated Temperature Monitoring



For more information

    Contact Tracking specialists Ring Track today for professional advice about which system you should go for. We will assess your requirements and research and explain all the options available to you to help you or your client choose a perfect Tracking system that meets your needs.

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